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Startled by a deafening howl, Jason crept cautiously towards the eerie noise- what on earth could it be? Freaked out, Jason pondered whether he should enter the shuddersome room- although there were to many bloodcurdling doubts going through his mind (More)
Mr Hurst wrote: Lever House Law!!
I challenged our Year 5 pupils to think about a Law they could create as part of the Lights, Camera Parliament work - click here for more on this. They came up with some great ideas. The one we chose to enter the competition with was "Providing (More)
callumh wrote: The Spooky Voices...
Cautiously, Frankie tiptoed into the deep dark cave, without a clue of what he was about to come face to face with. Carefully, he leant against the wall of the ancient cave, hoping not to make the slightest of noises. Behind the wall Frankie could he (More)
As the substantial group of hyperactive children and adults excitedly bounded off the exquisite, rose-coloured boat, (Justin Time was last off of course) Mr Wonka notified them that this room was the most influential of all; it was the Invention Room (More)
On Monday the 10th of November, we (year 5 of Lever House Primary School) went to the Imperial War Museum North. We went there rather than just having a lesson as our topic is WWII. We got on the coach at half past nine expecting to arrive in an h (More)
Continuing from where we left off, the 26 guests ( 10 children and 16 adults ) found themselves flat on the floor - laying In front of Mr. Wonka. Ironically, the children were underneath the adults. " All right everybody up!" Mr. Wonka called, they (More)
same wrote: Netball Lessons
On Monday 19th September, Year 5&6 got given the option to take Netball Lessons after school.  For most people, Netball was really new to everyone, most of the first session was about rules more than skills.  In the second week, 14 of us played (More)
On Saturday 20th September, it was party time all around. Tom -my brother- had a birthday and invited a couple of friends round. However, Ethan Gi (only the best friend ever) had a birthday party; I simply couldn't refuse. I was picked up by his Dad (More)
gfielding wrote: Welcome to Year 5
We are enjoying our first week back.   Year 5 Topic   (More)