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Miss OKeeffe wrote: Home Learning
Year 5 have been working really hard at home to design and make a model boat which floats on water. Well done everyone, they look fantastic! https://animoto.com/play/S6SfBTgmIE7fUSr9eTQp6w (More)
Miss OKeeffe wrote: Campaign Day
We've had a fantastic day visiting the Year 6's Campaign stalls. We've listened to their speeches persuading us to vote for them. Well done to all the Year 6 children. https://animoto.com/play/fu1SCEd3kw1EpAkLn6iumA (More)
Miss OKeeffe wrote: Fun with Music!
We've had a fun start to the new unit of music for this half term. Our unit is Livin' On A Prayer. We are studying Rock music and how it has developed from the Beatles onwards. We will be analysing performances from different rock bands and learn to (More)
Miss OKeeffe wrote: Home Learning Project
The children have been working hard at home to complete an Ancient Greece Project. They could choose to decorate a terracotta plant pot in the style of Ancient Greece and plant some seeds, build their own Parthenon, make a shield that represents Spar (More)
Miss OKeeffe wrote: Democracy Week
There's a general election coming up on 8 June, where adults will vote to decide who will run the UK. Although children aren't able to vote, the choices made at the election will have a big impact on the lives of all children across the country. (More)
Miss OKeeffe wrote: Peer Teaching
https://vimeo.com/217814068 (More)
Miss OKeeffe wrote: Charity Week
This week is Charity Week and the Year 6's have been working extremely hard to produce fantastic stalls. Well done to all of you, we had a fantastic morning. https://animoto.com/play/qKq3sKgmyXj8b8d1iWzkng (More)
Miss OKeeffe wrote: Mandarin Lesson
This week we have been learning how to say some body parts in Mandarin. We have been singing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. https://animoto.com/play/018MzzNcxETe4esYLVbsHQ (More)
Miss OKeeffe wrote: Mandarin Lesson
We've had a fun Mandarin lesson this morning. We learnt how to say "This is my.... dad/mum/sister/brother etc https://animoto.com/play/dlJIqNak6S3o7m4vJaxLBA (More)
Miss OKeeffe wrote: RND Learning Day 2017
We've had a fantastic morning! The children in Year 5 have been teaching French, Russian, Gujarati, Wheelchair skills, Football skills, Cricket skills, Taekwondo, codes and Spainish. https://animoto.com/play/59gr0JINTWJ8iwkt2YwoMA https://animo (More)
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