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Miss OKeeffe wrote: Fun with Music!
We've had a lot of fun learning about different rock songs and have enjoyed singing 'Livin on a Prayer. https://vimeo.com/242065245   (More)
Miss OKeeffe wrote: Home Learning
Well done to everybody for completely their Home Learning. We have tested the boats to see if they sink or float! We're looking forward to next half terms projects. https://animoto.com/play/1dRwyI4YfvzqvkP0muSxcA (More)
Miss OKeeffe wrote: Last day of Bike Ability!
We've had a successful morning completing our Bike Ability training. The children have learnt how to turn right and left at a junction, complete a u-turn and have gone on a bike ride. Well done to everyone. https://vimeo.com/240133053 https://a (More)
Miss OKeeffe wrote: Brazilian Art and Dance
We looked at the hat designer Philip Treacy to influence our own headdresses – which we successfully made. We wore these to our Brazilian carnival where we learnt traditional dances including the samba! https://animoto.com/play/Lgv4R3YZQoRJAYDp1sh (More)
Miss OKeeffe wrote: Bike Ability
Year 5 have had a very busy week! We have been taking part in Bike Ability. There are three bike ability levels, each designed to improve cycling skills, no matter what is already known. Levels 1,2 and 3 take the children from the basics of balance a (More)
Miss OKeeffe wrote: Island Writing Area
We have had a busy day creating an Island Writing Area. We are reading the story 'Kensuke's Kingdom' and are really enjoying it. We've now got an area in class in which we can independently write about life on the island. https://animoto.com/play/GF (More)
A forest school club for Y5 & 6 pupils began last Thursday. They enjoyed shelter building, playing woodland games and reminiscing! The Y6 were the first class to undertake full forest school session when they were in EYFS. Take a look at the fun we h (More)
Miss OKeeffe wrote: Home Learning
Year 5 have been working really hard at home to design and make a model boat which floats on water. Well done everyone, they look fantastic! https://animoto.com/play/S6SfBTgmIE7fUSr9eTQp6w (More)
Miss OKeeffe wrote: Campaign Day
We've had a fantastic day visiting the Year 6's Campaign stalls. We've listened to their speeches persuading us to vote for them. Well done to all the Year 6 children. https://animoto.com/play/fu1SCEd3kw1EpAkLn6iumA (More)
Miss OKeeffe wrote: Fun with Music!
We've had a fun start to the new unit of music for this half term. Our unit is Livin' On A Prayer. We are studying Rock music and how it has developed from the Beatles onwards. We will be analysing performances from different rock bands and learn to (More)
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