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Over there was a man named Mr Stink, he stank more than a stench. He lived on a bench down on an old field, after all, he was a stinky old tramp. He was an unusual man because he did not live in a house and he slept underneath some dirty leaves. He (More)
Below the clouds, there was the stinkiest tramp called Mr Stink! It wasn't his fault, not really, well he was a stinky tramp after all. I bet people could smell him in Africa. Nothing smelt more than him except his beard that hung limply around his d (More)
Miss Chorley wrote: Carnival Street Dance
Year 4 are currently learning a street dance with a carnival theme in PE. The bright colours, vibrant music and strong dance moves can all be seen in our Lever House hall. The session is run by Sports Development and great fun is had by all. Carni (More)
Miss Chorley wrote: Nurturing a Love for Reading
At Lever House, we encourage a love for reading. Reading for pleasure opens up the door to imagination and is a hobby you can carry with you for the rest of your life. Not only that, but reading automatically makes you a better writer and speaker as (More)
Miss Chorley wrote: Light the Lights Math Problem
Year 4 were set a Numeracy challenge today that allowed their growth mindset and resilience to be put to the test. This was their problem: Here is a machine with four coloured lights. Each light responds to a rule. When you type in a numbe (More)
Miss Chorley wrote: Our Learning Contract
Miss Chorley wrote: Important Information
Hello and welcome to the Year 4 blog page. Important information for Year 4 parents/guardians. PE days:  Tuesday and Wednesday Homework:  Each week, a piece of Literacy, Numeracy, Spellings and Times Tables will be given out on Friday and (More)
Miss Chorley wrote: Our year has come to an end...
We rounded off the penultimate day in Year 4 with an enterprise project today! The children had to research, evaluate, design and make a healthy snack, which they then had to sell to make a profit. Thank you to all of the parents and carers who came (More)
The Bfg from Year 4 2015/16 on Vimeo. (More)
Miss Chorley wrote: Project Day and Fun Run

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