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Deep inside the town, there lived a man, a stinky man called Mr stink. He had a dog called  the Duchess, he wasn't a normal dog, he had his own stink. In the morning, I go to see Mr stink  and his dog the Duchess. I sometimes take him some  sausag (More)
Mr Stink stank. Almost unbelievably, you could smell him from the other side of the Pacific Ocean. His beard was crusty and it had mouldy sausage and egg in it. He was a snappy dresser in his red, dirty, old bowtie and jacket. He had a dog called Duc (More)
Mr Stink STANK!!  It wasn't his fault, he couldn't have a shower like you and me.  Now, every time someone walked past, they nearly died.  Strangely, Mr Stink carried a dog, Duchess, who had black fur and she had a horrible stench, worse than Mr S (More)
Never in my life have I met a tramp as smelly as Mr Stink. He wore a tweed jacket and a bow tie. His beard had mouldy egg, cheese and sausage in it, and it was so tangled! It  had its own smell. He had a dog a called Duchess who had a smell, she was (More)
Mr stink had a super bad stench! He was a tramp, he only had a shower once a year and he lived on a bench. He had a little dog called Duchess. It is the the smelliest dog ever. He had a beard with bits of mangled sausage and cheese in it. He was quit (More)
A mile away, you could smell Mr Stink. He was the stinkiest stinker who ever lived. Curiously, he never leaves the bench, it's like he owns it. In spring, he killed all the flowers and lots of animals because of his smell. Wherever you go, you could (More)
Slowly, Mr Stink sat down on his bench whilst people ran past dropping coins at his feet, hoping he would have a bath or shower but he didn't. Mr Stink was a lonely man; he had no friends because he stank. It wasn't his fault, he was a tramp after al (More)
Daily, Mr Stink stank. Wherever he sat, there was a stench, a horrible stench. Mr Stink had a dog who goes by the name Duchess, he is a special dog because he has his own special smell. Festering bits of old sausage, egg and mouldy cheese were tangle (More)
I saw a man over there called Mr Stink and he stank. Nervously, I started walking to him whilst other people ran past him holding their noses. He had a big, brown and dirty beard and a small dog called Duchess. He wore a pock-marked tweed jacket. He (More)
Below the clouds, there lived the stinkiest stinker that ever lived so they called him Mr Stink but no one had any reason to say it. His beard was full of manky sausage and rotten egg that was left over from his past. Every day, he sat on the same ri (More)

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