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Miss Chorley wrote: Perimeter Garden Project
Year 4 were set the following challenge as part of their topic work on plants and it involved using their Science, Maths and D&T skills: You are going to design and make a model garden. Your garden will need to be drawn to scale and must contain (More)
Miss Chorley wrote: Red Nose Day 2017
Our Science topic this term is 'How Does the Human Body Work?' and Year 4's challenge over half term was to choose either an organ or a system of the human body and research it. They had to present their findings in either model form, brochure form o (More)
Miss Chorley wrote: The Butterfly Lion
Our new class novel is the fantastic 'The Butterly Lion' written by Michael Morpurgo. Year 4 have been working on interpreting a description from the novel. They had to pay close attention to the description, noticing the intricate details and al (More)
Miss Chorley wrote: Our Mr Stink Project
After reading Mr Stink, we decided that we should design and build a new home for him. We had to use lots of different skills in order to do this, including measuring the perimeter of the walls, windows and doors, sticking to a strict budget and (More)
Pippa's Video (More)
Miss Chorley wrote: Problem Solving by Finnan C
One of Thirty-six from Year 4 2015/16 on Vimeo. (More)
Deep inside the town, there lived a man, a stinky man called Mr stink. He had a dog called  the Duchess, he wasn't a normal dog, he had his own stink. In the morning, I go to see Mr stink  and his dog the Duchess. I sometimes take him some  sausag (More)
Mr Stink stank. Almost unbelievably, you could smell him from the other side of the Pacific Ocean. His beard was crusty and it had mouldy sausage and egg in it. He was a snappy dresser in his red, dirty, old bowtie and jacket. He had a dog called Duc (More)
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