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Mr Porter wrote: Roman Catapult project
For our latest project, we have 3 tasks to accomplish. The first is to research Roman weapons of war and present it as an information text. The second is to create a persuasive advertisement using Morfo to persuade somebody to join the Roman army. Fi (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Emperor Claudius project
https://vimeo.com/154711278 https://vimeo.com/154708391 (More)
Linking to topic work Y3 came out on a wet and windy morning to make a Celtic settlement. In our cooperative groups we had to make a round house. It had to fit all of the group in, be sturdy, round and protect the group from the wind and rain! We (More)
As part of our topic on Romans, we went into our forest school and constructed a Celtic roundhouse. https://animoto.com/play/1tzWy80ODh0ejXttWhG6mg https://animoto.com/play/EeKuB1UAE8qyOzEHHkBI5A (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Flag project
Today we were set a project involving measure, multiplication, shape and lots more! We had to design a flag for a country to match the criteria which was; it had to have an area of 24cm2 it must have either a horizontal or a vertical line of (More)
gfielding wrote: Anti-Bullying Week.
Mr Porter wrote: Symmetry
We've been learning about different lines of symmetry in Year 3. We started off by looking at horizontal and vertical lines of symmetry and then moved onto diagonal lines of symmetry. Later in the week, we're going to complete a project where we will (More)
We worked in cooperative groups to plans and make long houses and long boats. We also made bread dough and learnt how to make a manage a fire safely. Cook your dough in the oven, on a medium heat for 15-20 minutes. Well done Year 3! (More)
Watch this space for more adventures! (More)

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