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There's been more amazing learning taking place at home over the last couple of weeks; here's a selection of what's been brought in. Home Learning 6th October   Lucy wrote a fascinating story about a caveman in her shed! William (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Home Learning Week 2
Another wonderful week of home learning.  Once again, our 'roving reporters' have a few details about some of the activities the children have completed. Lucy made an amazing mammoth factfile.  Apparently they were about the same size as an Afri (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Chester Zoo visit
Chester Zoo trip 1 Chester zoo trip 2 (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Plant Life Cycles
We've been learning a lot about the life cycle of a flowering plant and wanted to share some of it in a learning video. Hope you enjoy sharing our learning! https://vimeo.com/216673637 (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Setting description
We have been learning how to describe a setting in a narrative. Firstly, we read a WAGOLL about a dark and sinister cave and produced a success criteria for us to use ourselves in our own writing. Please read the comments section and see if we've (More)
For our homework, we had to finish off a traditional tale. We were given the opening to the story and here are our endings! The Three Wishes Once upon a time there was a small wooden hut in the middle of a forest. Bobby lived with (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Year 3 animal poems
https://vimeo.com/206578122 https://vimeo.com/206579311 (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Year 3 animal poems
SUCCESS CRITERIA - Adjectives - Verbs - Alliteration - Not too obvious, give clues - Rhyming lines - Verses - Similes - Correct nouns - Collective nouns (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Year 3 nutrient video
https://vimeo.com/201130990 (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Athletics
https://animoto.com/play/KhE6e0GOTUK0Q74zDnuB1w (More)

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