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Mr Porter wrote: Literacy - diaries
We’ve been learning how to write a diary entry. Check out or working wall and example! (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Home Learning 24.11.17
Lucy designed a fantastic gadget for her superhero. Ava and Ethan created some fabulous art work Ehren told us all about Michael Faraday Joshua made an electric circuit using lemons and limes! https://animoto.com/play/QzEiTk16rtaIsSjJCtQShQ (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Home Learning 17.11.17
https://animoto.com/play/0OoQkIe1zdKJZbTUbOBmAA (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Home Learning 27.10.17
Another awesome week of home learning, the challenge for the roving reporters was to get some alliteration into their descriptions! Caleb wrote some magnificent maths problems Jolly Joseph wrote a funny 5 items Olivia made a marvellous model ho (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Hillfort Project
This week, we've completed our first project which has been based on hill forts during the Bronze Age to the Iron Age. For our projects, we link as many different areas of learning together into a fun and creative learning experience. For this proj (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Stone Age Day
We had an amazing day on Tuesday as we went back in time to the Stone Age and Bronze Age! We had to be hunter gatherers and find food that we could eat, build a shelter to keep dry and make tools to do a variety of jobs. To finish it all off, we (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Literacy Working Wall
In Year 3, our displays are really important to help us with our learning. Over the past 2 weeks, we've been building up to writing an information text about a Stone Age animal. Have a look at our 'working wall' display. (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Home Learning 20.10.17
Home Learning 20.10.16 Home Learning 20.10.16 (More)
There's been more amazing learning taking place at home over the last couple of weeks; here's a selection of what's been brought in. Home Learning 6th October   Lucy wrote a fascinating story about a caveman in her shed! William (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Home Learning Week 2
Another wonderful week of home learning.  Once again, our 'roving reporters' have a few details about some of the activities the children have completed. Lucy made an amazing mammoth factfile.  Apparently they were about the same size as an Afri (More)

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