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lcromby wrote: Australia Day
We have had a fantastic day to day learning about Australia day and building our own versions of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We worked really well in groups to succeed with our challenge. We tested materials for strength and suitability for the task, (More)
Miss Mullarkey wrote: Y2 Visit to the Panto
The children are having at great time at St George's Hall watching Aladdin! (More)
Miss Mullarkey wrote: Christmas is coming!
Miss Mullarkey wrote: Christmas is coming!
We've had a very exciting day today in Year 2!! This morning in Maths we have created our own Christmas bauble repeating patterns, and in English we have been writing Christmas poems. At lunch time today we have enjoyed eating our yummy Christmas di (More)
Miss Mullarkey wrote: Kipper Story
On a white, magical and snowy Christmas Eve Kipper was looking for a glowing, special and perfect Christmas tree in the dark and freezing forest, for his cosy home. But just then, suddenly and as quick as lightening, Kipper had only just remembered (More)
In our English work we have been exploring the writing of the author Mick Inkpen. We have enjoyed reading and comparing his Kipper and Jasper stories, especially Kipper's Christmas Eve! Our final writing task was to write our own Christmas Kipper s (More)
As part of our Great Fire of London topic we planned to have a fire and test materials to see which ones burned quickly. We talked about materials used to make houses today and houses in 1666. We tested a brick, a piece of slate, wood and straw. Can (More)
Miss Mullarkey wrote: Our Tiger Dance
Miss Mullarkey wrote: Year 2 Tiger dance
In PE we have been working with the Sports Development team to create a Tiger Dance. We have been dancing to the track 'The eye of the Tiger'. We had to practice moving in time with the music and each other. Our faces played an important part in t (More)
Miss Mullarkey wrote: Exploring shapes

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