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gfielding wrote: Day 4 Tower Wood- Group B
Today we went kayaking. We went on a journey and then had a slalom race with group A. In the afternoon we all paddled together in a canoe and landed on an island. We pretended we were stranded and made a camp fire and cooked popcorn. Another action p (More)
Mr Hurst wrote: Tower Wood 16
I was able to get to Tower Wood today as school finished and meet up with our wonderful pupils and fantastic staff. Different groups were either climbing trees, coming back in form the lake or arriving in minibuses from walks in the mountains. Th (More)
Mrs Pickervance wrote: Wednesday in the Lake District
Mrs Pickervance wrote: Last Night's Antics
Now we're all set for another amazing day!! (More)
Mrs Pickervance wrote: Tower Wood - Tuesday
Mrs Pickervance wrote: Tower Wood 2015
We have had an amazing start to our trip to Tower Wood this year. After being kitted out and a lovely lunch, we spent the afternoon on the lake, building a raft then playing some team games. Tonight, we had another lovely meal followed by fun and g (More)

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