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Some groups set up bird hides, other groups walked around the school grounds, as we undertook the RSPB's bird watch 2017. We are learning to make tally charts, draw graphs and ask/answer questions about data, whilst collecting information about birds (More)
Our Science topic this term is 'How Does the Human Body Work?' and Year 4's challenge over half term was to choose either an organ or a system of the human body and research it. They had to present their findings in either model form, brochure form o (More)
Mrs Macleod wrote: Out in all weathers!
Here are some reporters to explain today's weather... What will tomorrow bring? (More)
We are helping the RSPB and undertaking the Big Bird Watch. We think our forest school is a good habitat for birds but in winter time they sometimes need an extra bit of help to find food. So we made some bird feeders. We used pine cones, string, (More)
Mrs Macleod wrote: Year 1 and 2 make popcorn
As part of our topic work Year 1 and 2 have learnt about corn growing from seed all the way to cooking it on a camp fire to make popcorn. Take a look at us enjoying a camp fire and eating the popcorn. (More)
We have been inventing our own chocolate making machine using our circuit knowledge and our imagination, building a chocolate factory following certain criteria: Your challenge is to make a factory incorporating two electrical inventions; one usin (More)
All of KS 1 have visited forest school and noticed changes to the environment that have occurred over the summer. It now feels like we have a 'real' forest, with a basecamp, mud pit area, pond and lots of trees.The pupils took some of the photographs (More)
Year 1 and Year 2 pupils have been learning about how to keep healthy. At forest school we made trim trails so that we could do some exercise. Take a look... (More)
Key Stage 1 pupils have been gardening, trying to restore some of the allotment area. We found lots of weeds, nettles, fox gloves, strawberries and Y1 have planted peas which are growing well. We dug up the weeds ensuring we got the roots and checked (More)
Mrs Macleod wrote: Mud minibeasts and collages.
Some Year 1 and 2 pupils have been making mud minibeasts and picture collages.We selected natural materials and use mud to make our mini beasts. we need to know how many legs they have, if they have wings and what they life in a habitat. Take a look. (More)

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