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A big thank you goes out to all the family and friends that help make forest school work at Lever House. From the ladies who come each week to help with groups at forest school, to Mrs Robb who maintains the flower beds and pots and then Mr Morley wh (More)
We discussed whether we thought forest school was a good habitat for animals. We discussed micro habitats and then went and investigated. Look at what we found... Did you spot the frogs, beetles, slugs, spiders, worms, millipedes etc. What ca (More)
Miss Chorley wrote: Perimeter Garden Project
Year 4 were set the following challenge as part of their topic work on plants and it involved using their Science, Maths and D&T skills: You are going to design and make a model garden. Your garden will need to be drawn to scale and must contain (More)
Mrs Macleod gave us some different materials and working in our cooperative groups we were challenged to make a shelter. The shelter had to fit all of our team in, be freestanding, shelter and hide us. We used different materials to enhance our shelt (More)
We discussed what made a good habitat for sea creatures. Then we looked at natural art work by artist Andy Goldsworthy. We collected natural objects and made an under the sea collage. Take a look... Can you make a picture with natural objects (More)
Some groups set up bird hides, other groups walked around the school grounds, as we undertook the RSPB's bird watch 2017. We are learning to make tally charts, draw graphs and ask/answer questions about data, whilst collecting information about birds (More)
Our Science topic this term is 'How Does the Human Body Work?' and Year 4's challenge over half term was to choose either an organ or a system of the human body and research it. They had to present their findings in either model form, brochure form o (More)
Mrs Macleod wrote: Out in all weathers!
Here are some reporters to explain today's weather... What will tomorrow bring? (More)
We are helping the RSPB and undertaking the Big Bird Watch. We think our forest school is a good habitat for birds but in winter time they sometimes need an extra bit of help to find food. So we made some bird feeders. We used pine cones, string, (More)