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Yr 6 and Yr 5 pupils have been learning about Brazil in Geography, travel in English and Head dresses in D.T. So we are putting this all together and making up our very own carnival today.           &nb (More)
It may be raining and it may be cold.... but Yr 3 and Yr 4 pupils are travelling back in time to the Stone Age today. They are looking at: Habitat and the kind of animals and food available, Hunting and making tools to catch food,, Buildi (More)
Our Science topic this term is 'How Does the Human Body Work?' and Year 4's challenge over half term was to choose either an organ or a system of the human body and research it. They had to present their findings in either model form, brochure form o (More)
Miss Chorley wrote: Project Day and Fun Run
Miss Chorley wrote: Christmas Countdown!
We've made it to the last week of the Autumn term and Christmas will soon be upon us! This week we have a lot of fun, creative and educational projects to look forward to! Numeracy - We will be covering area and perimeter this week. The children w (More)
Miss Chorley wrote: Project Time
As part of our Stone Age to the Bronze Age Topic work, Year 4 were set two projects. One was to make a Celtic Hill Fort, the other was to make a cart. The projects require resilience, determination, creativity and determination. This was especiall (More)

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