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We have been undertaking a treasure hunt project at forest school. We have developed our use of positional and directional language e.g. over, under, behind, learnt compass directions and learnt to read maps. We also found some treasure! (More)
Mrs Macleod wrote: Signs of Spring
Reception went on a walk looking for 'Signs of Spring'. Take a look at what we found... (More)
Our structures have been trimmed and our new boundary has begun. Take a look at how we started it. Ask your children about how we wattle and the tools they use. (More)
Mrs Macleod wrote: The Shelter Challenge
Over the next couple of weeks we are undertaking 'The Shelter Challenge' at forest school. We will be working in cooperative groups designing, making and evaluating our shelters. We are developing team work skills, making structures, knot tying and w (More)

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