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We found bluebells, daffodils, pansies, primroses, dandelions and daisies. We looked for natural materials and made collages. Our pictures had to have something that was living in them. (More)
Mrs Macleod wrote: Key Stage 1 make music...
In class we have been listening to STOMP who make music by using recycled materials. We listened to and clapped along to the beat. We then planned how we could make our our instruments at forest school. We followed scores and played along. Take a loo (More)
Mr Hurst wrote: Nativity Sing-a-Long 15
The Performance! Final rehearsal - message to school family. Have a look at the highlights of our final rehearsal. Remember - your wellies and coats, your £1.00 for a drink, your lines and your voices, to have a good time and to be on (More)
Mrs Macleod wrote: Year 5 - Survival Day
As part of Year 5's learning, linked to Kensuke's Kingdom, Year 5 rose to the challenge of surviving a day outdoors at forest school. We pretended that we were ship wrecked and forest school was our island. Look at what we got up to .. (More)
We learnt about deciduous and evergreen trees. We found lots of leaves that were different sizes, shapes and colours. (More)
Whilst pretending to be adventurers, EYFS were measuring branches and finding long ones to make dens. We then leant the branches against trees, fences or the big logs and covered them with tarpaulin to make a den. Take a look... EYFS EYFS 2 (More)
As part of our 'Adventurer Project' we had to make bridges to cross a gushing river. We learnt skills team building skills. Then we had to make team decisions about what to do next - either dig for treasure, climbing or shelter building. We learnt to (More)
During our last session we had a choice of activities - whittling, climbing, making dens, minibeast hunting and making mud pies. Of course we finished with a camp fire! (More)
Year 5 have been learning about different habitats and life cycles. In class they have researched and designed pond plans for our development of a pond on our school grounds. At forest school we found out about what what living and growing on our sch (More)
Take a look ... (More)

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