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10maddie wrote: Bike Ability
On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday most of the Year 5's went out to do bike ability. On Tuesday 3rd November we learnt how to ride our bikes in a circle. Then on Wednesday we went on the road and learnt the primary position and the u turn. On (More)
10alex wrote: Bike Ability
Most of Y5 have been learning bike ability over the past week and are all now very good at riding their bike safely on the road. We learnt how to do a U turn properly, how to turn left or right to or from a major or miner road, and the instructors, C (More)
Miss OKeeffe wrote: Sports Development
Today we completed Cup Stacking and competed in races. Up Stacking- Term used for stacking the cups 'up' into pyramids. The 'up stacking phase' begins once the stacker starts the timer. Down Stacking- Term used for 'un-stacking' or putting cups dow (More)
Miss OKeeffe wrote: First Aid Training
Last Friday, Year 5 had the fantastic opportunity to learn basic First Aid skills. Jen, from St John's Ambulance, taught the children how to respond in an emergency situation. The children learn't how to: Treat someone having an Asthma attack. He (More)
Mrs Pickervance wrote: Our Full Value Contract
As a class, we have written our own Full Value Contract. It is our ultimate guide as to how we can make sure we make the most of everyday, in everything we do.   Year 5’s Full Value Contract Be an active, independent learner. C (More)

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