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The wonderful Michael Tidd, a Deputy Head in Nottinghamshire has updated his information videos about the upcoming SATs tests for both KS 1 and KS 2 children (in Year 2 and Year 6 respectively). The tests this year will be very similar to last yea (More)
Welcome back to school. New Year is a time for reflection and many people try a new start in something or change something in their lives - so this week, I have asked our KS 2 pupils - 'What could you change to make yourself even  better?' Of (More)
The Year 3 and year 4 class pupils are performing "Bells Ring Out" for their Christmas Concert 2016. They sing like angels and are simply wonderful. Here are a few photos from the afternoon performance. Thank you to the pupils and to all our f (More)
Mr Hurst wrote: Maths Question
As part of our thinking work (see - http://head.leverhouse.net/2016/12/05/thinking-board/) our KS 2 children have been working on a Maths puzzle - using all the digits - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 IN ORDER and then adding only + or - can you get (More)
Santa took time out of his busy schedule and managed to park his sleigh on our roof to pay a visit to our EYFS and KS1 children. Have a look at some photos of our Xmas lunch and the present giving :)   (More)
Mr Hurst wrote: Santa is on his way
We encourage our pupils to check out where Santa is using the NORAD tracker, so that they can be tucked up in bed in time for his visit! NORAD have been tracking Santa for 61 years!. Click here for a countdown and tracking of Santa's jour (More)
Mr Hurst wrote: Pantomime Trip 2016
Our Yr 2 pupils had a wonderful time at King George's Hall in Blackburn to watch Dick Whittington and his Cat. [caption id="attachment_2159" align="alignright" width="300"] getting involved[/caption] They enthusiastically joined in from the a (More)
Mr Hurst wrote: Thinking Board
We have put up 2 whiteboards in the KS 2 corridors and we are going to invite pupils to write on them! They will be writing their thoughts about the question that I am going to write on them - why? to enhance the opportunities for our pupils to think (More)
Mr Hurst wrote: Library Books
Thank you so much to Miss Chorley’s Reading group. They raised money last year to purchase some extra reading books for school. They planned their own activities, you helped them raise the money, they choose the book titles and now have stamped t (More)
Mr Hurst wrote: TED talks for teachers
Here is the list of talks that Educators Technology suggests all teachers should watch: 1- Every Kid Needs A Champion by Rita Pierson 2- How to Escape Education's Death Valley by Sir Ken Robinson  3- The Key to Success ? Grit by Angela L (More)

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