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We have highlighted mindfulness and pupil wellbeing as an area to develop in school. Children are under so much pressure these days and they feel the stress too. We want to challenge this in school - we want to give them a good outlook on life, ha (More)
Mr Hurst wrote: From Seed to Soup
Mrs Macleod and Forest school pupils planted onion seeds in Spring and the pupils, Mrs Macleod and Mr Morley have been looking after them through summer. In September we picked / harvested the onions and then we hung them up to dry in school for (More)
Yr 6 and Yr 5 pupils have been learning about Brazil in Geography, travel in English and Head dresses in D.T. So we are putting this all together and making up our very own carnival today.           &nb (More)
EYFS had a visit from our local Fire dept. They provided a great of information about how the search dogs are used - they found a hiding teacher in under a minute!!! Then the Fire Crew brought a Fire Engine to show the children - and in between be (More)
It may be raining and it may be cold.... but Yr 3 and Yr 4 pupils are travelling back in time to the Stone Age today. They are looking at: Habitat and the kind of animals and food available, Hunting and making tools to catch food,, Buildi (More)
The Kaizen schools came together for a fantastic T + L conference at Farington Lodge. All the schools gave a 5 - 10 minute presentation on what makes great learning. The presentations were amazing - common themes to come out were - the use of 'Agr (More)
Mr Hurst wrote: A Red Sun over school!
The children were most excited today when they went out for playtime - the sky and light was not the usual colour - everything had a strange pinky /red glow. Then the sun came out from behind the clouds and it was RED!       (More)
Mr Hurst wrote: Phonics Workshop
Thank you to all the parents and Carers who attended the Phonics/Reading workshop on Wed 11th Oct. Mrs Stalker and Mrs Robson delivered a fantastic session on how children learn to read and the opportunities we provide in school to maximise progress (More)
Mr Hurst wrote: Writing Award for Ryan
One of our pupils, Ryan in Yr 3, entered a story writing competition through the Animal Care Rescue Centre in Lancaster during the summer holidays and was selected as one of the 6 finalists.  [caption id="attachment_2252" align="alignright" wid (More)
To help celebrate the European Day of Languages (26th Sept 2017), Mrs Bautista has been teaching our pupils Spanish. They are engaging in fun active lessons and are picking up the language really quickly!         (More)
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