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On Thursday afternoon Year 2 were lucky enough to have a visitor in class. As part of our topic on 'Where does food come from?' Mrs Martland came from Fiddler's Lancashire Crisps to explain to the children how they make crisps. The children watched (More)
Miss Mullarkey wrote: Our wonderful art work!
Miss Mullarkey wrote: We are Year 2!
Miss Mullarkey wrote: This week in Year 2...
This week in Year 2 has been another busy week!  We've made a great start with our topic work on "Where does food come from?'  We have had lots of discussion about the foods that we eat regularly and have grouped them depending on if they come from (More)
Miss Mullarkey wrote: Our first week in Y2!
The children have settled in really well this week and are already working really hard.  We have been counting in lots of different steps and continuing number sequences in Maths.  During English sessions we've been exploring connectives, adjective (More)