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Mr Porter wrote: Literacy Working Wall
In Year 3, our displays are really important to help us with our learning. Over the past 2 weeks, we've been building up to writing an information text about a Stone Age animal. Have a look at our 'working wall' display. (More)
gfielding wrote: Persuasive Projects
Untitled from Gemma Fielding on Vimeo. We had to make a video/TV advert to persuade people to visit one of Britain's famous landmarks.   Charlie and Luke from Gemma Fielding on Vimeo. (More)
Miss OKeeffe wrote: Spy Gadget Project
We are reading the book Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz in class. It is our secret mission to create a new spy gadget that can be used by Alex Rider. We need to create a diagram of our gadget with labels explaining what it is and how it works. We al (More)
For our homework, we had to finish off a traditional tale. We were given the opening to the story and here are our endings! The Three Wishes Once upon a time there was a small wooden hut in the middle of a forest. Bobby lived with (More)
Miss Chorley wrote: The Butterfly Lion
Our new class novel is the fantastic 'The Butterly Lion' written by Michael Morpurgo. Year 4 have been working on interpreting a description from the novel. They had to pay close attention to the description, noticing the intricate details and al (More)
Deep inside the town, there lived a man, a stinky man called Mr stink. He had a dog called  the Duchess, he wasn't a normal dog, he had his own stink. In the morning, I go to see Mr stink  and his dog the Duchess. I sometimes take him some  sausag (More)
Mr Stink stank. Almost unbelievably, you could smell him from the other side of the Pacific Ocean. His beard was crusty and it had mouldy sausage and egg in it. He was a snappy dresser in his red, dirty, old bowtie and jacket. He had a dog called Duc (More)
Mr Stink STANK!!  It wasn't his fault, he couldn't have a shower like you and me.  Now, every time someone walked past, they nearly died.  Strangely, Mr Stink carried a dog, Duchess, who had black fur and she had a horrible stench, worse than Mr S (More)
Never in my life have I met a tramp as smelly as Mr Stink. He wore a tweed jacket and a bow tie. His beard had mouldy egg, cheese and sausage in it, and it was so tangled! It  had its own smell. He had a dog a called Duchess who had a smell, she was (More)
Mr stink had a super bad stench! He was a tramp, he only had a shower once a year and he lived on a bench. He had a little dog called Duchess. It is the the smelliest dog ever. He had a beard with bits of mangled sausage and cheese in it. He was quit (More)
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