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Lily wrote: Netball
On Thursday 25th September some children out of year 5 and 6. Went to netball after school, before we could play netball we had to set up all of the equipment. Mrs Fielding, Mrs Ellis and Mrs Hayes were the fun netball teachers. We focused on our fo (More)
Lily wrote: Banger Racing
On Sunday 8th of September me and my friend Poppy went to see Banger Racing .  We were very excited because we liked seeing the crashing. We had to drive all the way to Carnforth, it took and hour and a half to get there.  When we got there it as (More)
This second week back was wonderful. The week started on Monday when we did journey of life in literacy. It was very fun although it took a very long time time to do so. On Tuesday  we made shadow puppets out of black card the classroom was very mes (More)

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