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Mr Porter wrote: Chester Zoo visit
Chester Zoo trip 1 Chester zoo trip 2 (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Plant Life Cycles
We've been learning a lot about the life cycle of a flowering plant and wanted to share some of it in a learning video. Hope you enjoy sharing our learning! https://vimeo.com/216673637 (More)
Mr Hurst wrote: Rules
I believe that our pupils follow our 'Lever House' school rules because they are fair, they helps us learn and they are morally correct. We write our own rules in school - and are based around the school contract - where we agree how we should b (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Setting description
We have been learning how to describe a setting in a narrative. Firstly, we read a WAGOLL about a dark and sinister cave and produced a success criteria for us to use ourselves in our own writing. Please read the comments section and see if we've (More)
Mr Hurst wrote: RND Learning Day 2017
Today is Red Nose Day  - we invited our pupils to come into school as normal, but bring a £1.00 to donate to RND and then to become teachers for the day (or morning at least). We asked our pupils - What will you teach?  What will you learn? (More)
For our homework, we had to finish off a traditional tale. We were given the opening to the story and here are our endings! The Three Wishes Once upon a time there was a small wooden hut in the middle of a forest. Bobby lived with (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Year 3 animal poems
https://vimeo.com/206578122 https://vimeo.com/206579311 (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Year 3 animal poems
SUCCESS CRITERIA - Adjectives - Verbs - Alliteration - Not too obvious, give clues - Rhyming lines - Verses - Similes - Correct nouns - Collective nouns (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Year 3 nutrient video
https://vimeo.com/201130990 (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Athletics
https://animoto.com/play/KhE6e0GOTUK0Q74zDnuB1w (More)
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