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Mr Porter wrote: Hillfort Project
This week, we've completed our first project which has been based on hill forts during the Bronze Age to the Iron Age. For our projects, we link as many different areas of learning together into a fun and creative learning experience. For this proj (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Stone Age Day
We had an amazing day on Tuesday as we went back in time to the Stone Age and Bronze Age! We had to be hunter gatherers and find food that we could eat, build a shelter to keep dry and make tools to do a variety of jobs. To finish it all off, we (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Literacy Working Wall
In Year 3, our displays are really important to help us with our learning. Over the past 2 weeks, we've been building up to writing an information text about a Stone Age animal. Have a look at our 'working wall' display. (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Chester Zoo visit
Chester Zoo trip 1 Chester zoo trip 2 (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Plant Life Cycles
We've been learning a lot about the life cycle of a flowering plant and wanted to share some of it in a learning video. Hope you enjoy sharing our learning! https://vimeo.com/216673637 (More)
Mr Hurst wrote: Rules
I believe that our pupils follow our 'Lever House' school rules because they are fair, they helps us learn and they are morally correct. We write our own rules in school - and are based around the school contract - where we agree how we should b (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Setting description
We have been learning how to describe a setting in a narrative. Firstly, we read a WAGOLL about a dark and sinister cave and produced a success criteria for us to use ourselves in our own writing. Please read the comments section and see if we've (More)
Mr Hurst wrote: RND Learning Day 2017
Today is Red Nose Day  - we invited our pupils to come into school as normal, but bring a £1.00 to donate to RND and then to become teachers for the day (or morning at least). We asked our pupils - What will you teach?  What will you learn? (More)
For our homework, we had to finish off a traditional tale. We were given the opening to the story and here are our endings! The Three Wishes Once upon a time there was a small wooden hut in the middle of a forest. Bobby lived with (More)
Mr Porter wrote: Year 3 animal poems
https://vimeo.com/206578122 https://vimeo.com/206579311 (More)
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