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jwinder wrote: Dear Diary
Dear Diary, Today has been a great day because we went on holiday to Wales! Me, my mum, my little sister, Liam, and Brooke went (my brothers will come after me Brooke and Tia.) Anyways, it was a long drive here. About 2 and a half hours but it was (More)
jwinder wrote: Broken Wing
One day, a bird was happily going by its day collecting food. It didn't have a lot of food so it flew up a cliff to get a better look for some. As it look around it saw a huge worm on the edge of the cliff. Carelessly, is flew as fast as it could tow (More)
Have you ever been worried about  your personal information not being safe? Or people who don't look like who they say they are? Well this list of things to keep you safe online will help you stay safe. First of all, you should never ever give ou (More)
jwinder wrote: The catwalk
Striking a pose at the end of the catwalk. Chelsea's heart beating as fast as possible. A cheer from the audience as she walks back down. Chealsea is a 16 year old girl. She is incredible at what she does. Fashion. She is also extremely athletic a (More)
jwinder wrote: Evacuee diary by Jody
Friday 11th April  1940 Dear Diary, Tomorrow I am going away to the countyside. My mama told me that I'm going to be an evacuee. I am really worried because of what my papa told me. He said that I might never see them again. I hope my new fami (More)
The pirate was wearing a pirate hat and holding a ancient map in his bony hand. Sky looked around the room trying to ignore the squeaky floorboards. Sky could hear her mum calling for her for her tea. Sky looked around the room one more time and subs (More)
jwinder wrote: The old boat by Jody
One day, the oceans waves were crashing against the rocky shores. "Hhhh," cried Sky. Sky lived in a vast beach house right near the shores. This day was quite unusual. No birds were singing above the sea. All Sky could hear was a ship going across th (More)
jwinder wrote: Second week back!
This week in year 5, we have been doing a lot of things! On Monday we did a sheet that is called ' Our life as a journey'. What we had to do was a path of what we did in the past and what we want to do in the future. On Tuesday, we started to do our (More)

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