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gclayton wrote: Haunted part 2
I had it right in front of me (a chance ) they were in the woods and I kept calling him and calling him until he started to run. When he was running I made him trip and he whacked his head on a ginourmouse rock. There was blood evrywhere! I felt BA (More)
gclayton wrote: Haunted !
Striking a pose at the end of the runway and then BOOM! I fell off the stage a 6 foot drop and I was in hospital with a broken neck.  I had a good chance of dying.  I did! And this is what it was like for all my family friends and enemies! I was al (More)
jwinder wrote: The catwalk
Striking a pose at the end of the catwalk. Chelsea's heart beating as fast as possible. A cheer from the audience as she walks back down. Chealsea is a 16 year old girl. She is incredible at what she does. Fashion. She is also extremely athletic a (More)

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