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Mrs Robinson wrote: Lever House Squares .......
The winners are - £100 S Whyatt £30   V Coupe - Haworth £20    K Whish Congratulations.  We raised £232, Thank you. (More)
Ava O (Year1) Layal (EYFS) Morgan (EYFS) - Well done! (More)
Mrs Robinson wrote: Cake sale.............
What a fantastic turn out for our cake sale, it was nice to hear all the lovely comments about what a great job our EYFS/KS1 had done with their cakes.   WOW, We made £215 Thank you. (More)
Mr Hurst wrote: Friends' Xmas Raffle
We have 5 lucky winners for the Raffle prizes - all drawn by Santa and assisted by 2 of our School Councillors. and the winners were........ Barbara Fow Andrea Sheehan Sarah Jackson Alison Arthington Stephanie Hartley Thanks to (More)
Mrs Robinson wrote: Christmas is coming !!!
Unfortunately this year we are unable to have a Christmas fair due to the building work, but we still have lots of events happening over the festive period! Christmas Discos Year 4, 5 & 6 - Thursday 3rd December 6pm until 7.30pm (closi (More)

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