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We are learning to identify some trees at forest school, including deciduous and evergreen trees. We found leaves near the trees and tried to identify them. We found oak, willow, silver birch, hazel, alder and holly. Can you identify trees (More)
Mr Hurst wrote: From Seed to Soup
Mrs Macleod and Forest school pupils planted onion seeds in Spring and the pupils, Mrs Macleod and Mr Morley have been looking after them through summer. In September we picked / harvested the onions and then we hung them up to dry in school for (More)
At Lever House we value outdoor learning and we feel our pupils love to learn at forest school. It provides pupils with opportunities to engage with nature, get physical outdoors, take in fresh air and has a positive impact on the well being of chil (More)
Year 4 have travelled back in time today! All the way back to the Stone Age. They spent the morning making a Stone Age necklace to impress their fellow cavemen and women! They also made some weapons to protect themselves against prehistoric predators (More)
It may be raining and it may be cold.... but Yr 3 and Yr 4 pupils are travelling back in time to the Stone Age today. They are looking at: Habitat and the kind of animals and food available, Hunting and making tools to catch food,, Buildi (More)
For the Reception pupils'- they were introduced to forest school. We learnt about listening to each other, staying within the boundary, not putting anything in our mouth (unless it is drink/snack) and looking after ourselves, others and our forest sc (More)
Mrs Macleod wrote: Y1 are going on a Bear Hunt
Year 1 go on a Bear Hunt from andrea macleod on Vimeo. Where could you go on a bear hunt? (More)
Year 1/2 are going on a Bear hunt from andrea macleod on Vimeo. (More)
Bear Hunt Project Day - we made a movie to tell the story of "We are Going on a Bear Hunt' - we decided on actors, the words we needed say, using a clear voice and someone to film. Take a look at our movie... Year 2 Bear hunt from andrea macleod (More)
Mrs Macleod wrote: What a lovely evening!
Thank you to all the families that visited forest school this evening. There were scavenger hunts, explorers and of course toasting marshmallows. a lovely evening had by all. (More)
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