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Mrs Macleod wrote: Y1 are going on a Bear Hunt
Year 1 go on a Bear Hunt from andrea macleod on Vimeo. Where could you go on a bear hunt? (More)
Year 1/2 are going on a Bear hunt from andrea macleod on Vimeo. (More)
Bear Hunt Project Day - we made a movie to tell the story of "We are Going on a Bear Hunt' - we decided on actors, the words we needed say, using a clear voice and someone to film. Take a look at our movie... Year 2 Bear hunt from andrea macleod (More)
Mrs Macleod wrote: What a lovely evening!
Thank you to all the families that visited forest school this evening. There were scavenger hunts, explorers and of course toasting marshmallows. a lovely evening had by all. (More)
A big thank you goes out to all the family and friends that help make forest school work at Lever House. From the ladies who come each week to help with groups at forest school, to Mrs Robb who maintains the flower beds and pots and then Mr Morley wh (More)
First of all we looked at maps and identified features of environment. We saw an X marked the spot at forest school. We landed and looked for treasure. We found gold coins. We then made our pirate shelters, dug for gold and even made a new ship. We e (More)
We discussed whether we thought forest school was a good habitat for animals. We discussed micro habitats and then went and investigated. Look at what we found... Did you spot the frogs, beetles, slugs, spiders, worms, millipedes etc. What ca (More)
Mr Hurst wrote: Forest School
I have just had a walk through our Forest School at lunch time - it seems the Buttercups are making a push for world domination at the moment!       but the worker bees certainly are not complaining......   &nb (More)
Mrs Macleod gave us some different materials and working in our cooperative groups we were challenged to make a shelter. The shelter had to fit all of our team in, be freestanding, shelter and hide us. We used different materials to enhance our shelt (More)
We noticed new buds/shoots growing, spring flowers, tadpoles in the pond and blossom on the trees. We talked about how things change throughout the seasons. I wonder when the tadpoles will turn into frogs? (More)
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