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Mr Hurst wrote: Animation at Lever House
Our new EYFS children have started their animations this week. We introduce them to the basics of movies / film making  / animation at first. We look at movies and animations and talking pictures. We then use the camera function on the iPad to ta (More)
Reception children learnt to whittle to make a skewer for their marshmallow that they toasted round the campfire. As well as making dens and playing in the mud pit. (More)
Mrs Macleod wrote: Reception have made dens.
Reception children were asked to work in a team to make a hiding place that would fit all of the children in their group in. We used big branches, rope and tarpaulin as a cover. (More)
Take a look at the things we found. Reception children took the photographs. Can you find any more signs of Autumn when you are out and about? (More)
We found the boundary line, base camp, the mud pit, tool area and learnt to make hiding places. (More)

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