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At forest school EYFS made hiding places. We learnt about 'tie on' shelters and 'lean to' shelters. We used tarpaulin, rope, branches and the trees. Take a look at what we got up to ... (More)
Our last session of this academic year - how time flies when you're having fun! We had a go at all our favourite things from den building, to mini beast hunting and of course toasting marshmallows around the camp fire. A huge thank you goes (More)
EYFS found gold at forest school and then set up camp. Some people even walked the plank. In class we made our our treasure maps. (More)
vlaverty wrote: Dancing!
Today we have been learning a dance. Some year 6 girls taught us the dance moves and we are going to perform it on Tuesday for the 'Dance From the Heart Roadshow' Here are some pictures of us having a boogie! ENJOY!   (More)
vlaverty wrote: Library books
Yesterday your child took home a special school library book. Your child chose their own story and so there is a range of different texts! When your child has finished with their book they can return it to school, or it can be kept until the due date (More)
vlaverty wrote: The Fun Run
What a super fun run!! Everyone did a fantastic job, well done!! (More)
Mrs Macleod wrote: EYFS go minibeast hunting.
We looked under logs, in long grass and on plants. We had to take care that we didn't hurt any animals and we always leave forest school the way we found it. Look at what we found... Did you spot the frog? We set it free near the pond. (More)
We found bluebells, daffodils, pansies, primroses, dandelions and daisies. We looked for natural materials and made collages. Our pictures had to have something that was living in them. (More)
vlaverty wrote: Key Person Time 9/5/16
For Key Person Time this week we will be sharing last weeks home learning. We asked the children to find out two facts about space, I hope they enjoyed their fact finding! They can bring in material to support them with sharing the facts. We will (More)
vlaverty wrote: Dinosaurs
This half term we have been learning about dinosaurs. In EYFS we have been making dinosaur fact sheets and have researched facts about different dinosaurs. Some Year 6 children then came into our classes to create a green screen video about those (More)

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