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EYFS learnt to make hiding places and much needed shelters for the terrible weather we have had lately. They learnt the names of different resources we use such as tarpaulin, rope, pegs etc. Y1 pupils, learnt about different styles of shelters - t (More)
EYFS had a visit from our local Fire dept. They provided a great of information about how the search dogs are used - they found a hiding teacher in under a minute!!! Then the Fire Crew brought a Fire Engine to show the children - and in between be (More)
For the Reception pupils'- they were introduced to forest school. We learnt about listening to each other, staying within the boundary, not putting anything in our mouth (unless it is drink/snack) and looking after ourselves, others and our forest sc (More)
First of all we looked at maps and identified features of environment. We saw an X marked the spot at forest school. We landed and looked for treasure. We found gold coins. We then made our pirate shelters, dug for gold and even made a new ship. We e (More)
We noticed new buds/shoots growing, spring flowers, tadpoles in the pond and blossom on the trees. We talked about how things change throughout the seasons. I wonder when the tadpoles will turn into frogs? (More)
Mrs Macleod wrote: EYFS make talking dinosaurs
At forest school we collected lots of different natural objects like twigs, pine cones, leaves, grass, bark and mud. We talked about what we would see on a dinosaurs face. We then tried to make some scary faces using the natural objects. we took a ph (More)
Mrs Macleod wrote: EYFS dinosaur topic.
As part of our learning we have been on a dinosaur hunt and taken dinosaur on a forest school adventure. We learnt words to describe what our dinosaur's looked like and used our imaginations to take them on an adventure around forest school. Ta (More)
We talked about lots of stories with wolves in them. We decided to make hiding places to hide from the wolves and traps to try and catch them. Take a look... You will be glad to know that we lived happily ever after! (More)
Like all good celebrations, we had some tasty food, good conversation and enjoyed playing a game of hide and seek! It helped finish off our 'Celebrations' topic. Take a look... (More)
Whittled sticks ... time to enjoy a campfire at forest school. A great way to celebrate! (More)
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