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Mrs Doran wrote: Our Matilda Dance
Our Matilda Dance from Mrs Doran on Vimeo. (More)
vlaverty wrote: Dancing!
Today we have been learning a dance. Some year 6 girls taught us the dance moves and we are going to perform it on Tuesday for the 'Dance From the Heart Roadshow' Here are some pictures of us having a boogie! ENJOY!   (More)
vlaverty wrote: Dancing
In our Physical Development lessons we have been practising our dancing skills. We have been looking at videos of traditional Indian stick dancing then recreating and copying the movements to create our own dances. It has been lots of fun! EYFS B (More)
Mr Hurst wrote: Dance through the Years
We have been working with our local High Schools and our SSCo and Sharn in particular. Some of our children were trained up to be lead dancers (as they have for the last 3 years) and then they taught the rest of the school and today we danced in (More)
gclayton wrote: 2nd week
On the 2nd week we did shadow shows and we did adverts about Mr Willy Wonka and we videoed our advert and, we did chocolate creations it is a creamy delight it's got chocolate and tens smarties melted chocolate and biscuits .  Then  a lady caled Sh (More)
Mr Hurst wrote: World Cup Dance 2014
Thanks to all the support we have received from the SSCo and Sharn in particular. Nine of our children were trained up to be lead dancers. They then taught the rest of the school and today we danced in the playground. We had a football display, (More)

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