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callumh wrote: Rural Shock
A countless amount of years ago, on 25th December 1529, King Henry VIII, supposedly the most treacherous monarch ever, held a secret party, in the middle of a creepy field lost in Tupholme; it was a great celebration, beer, cake, and of course, tenni (More)
Fact fileFull Name: Sir Thomas FinneyDate of birth: 5 April 1922Place of birth: Preston, Lancashire, UKDate of Death: 14 February 2014 (Aged 91)Height: 5ft 8in (1m 73cm)Position: Winger Sir Tom was well known for his loyalty for his local club Pre (More)
callumh wrote: Ectoplasm
Many years ago, on a dark night, when everybody believed in ghosts, an amazing team of four, were sent on a mission to catch one. They were sent by William McKinley, the most powerful man living, the reward for completing this mission was $1,000,000 (More)
callumh wrote: Stormage!
Five million years ago, after the asteroid hit, there was no life on Earth, just a Minotaur, a lonely Minotaur. He needed to create life; not just for company, to not be lonely. He created a mysterious creature; the HUMANS. The Minosaurus created mar (More)
callumh wrote: The Uncovered Mystery
In a gloomy village which was described as uncanny, a group of 5 children were having a fantastic sleepover (which wasn't going so well). Wayne was the head of the group. He also knew that everyone was bored, so he decided to read a book out. He pick (More)
callumh wrote: The Spooky Voices...
Cautiously, Frankie tiptoed into the deep dark cave, without a clue of what he was about to come face to face with. Carefully, he leant against the wall of the ancient cave, hoping not to make the slightest of noises. Behind the wall Frankie could he (More)
gfielding wrote: Year 5 WWII Topic
On Monday the 10th of November, we (year 5 of Lever House Primary School) went to the Imperial War Museum North. We went there rather than just having a lesson as our topic is WWII. We got on the coach at half past nine expecting to arrive in an h (More)

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