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Alex wrote: Newspaper article
AK News Minions! Minions! Minions! Minions is a film made released on June 26 2015. It is based about your favourite little yellow characters from the film despicable me! Basically, it shows the minions  at the dawn of time and tells you their (More)
Phillipe Coutiniho (the best footballer in the world, in my opinion) was born on 12 June 1992. He is currently aged 23 years old. He plays for English club Liverpool and Brazil on the wing or midfield. He began playing football at a Brazilian team ca (More)
It was clear. It was cursed. It's dark, deep, gloomy eyes were staring straight into his. To Thomas, it was as clear as glass. All he had to do was report it to the zoo keeper. As he was only six and a half, he was smart enough to know that know one (More)
  A very long time ago, 3 to 4000 years ago, the Greeks played a trick on the Trojan's, a trick that was so bad, it is still told to this very day. In the time of the Ancient Greeks, there was an Ancient city-state across the coast of Turk (More)
callumh wrote: Stormage!
Five million years ago, after the asteroid hit, there was no life on Earth, just a Minotaur, a lonely Minotaur. He needed to create life; not just for company, to not be lonely. He created a mysterious creature; the HUMANS. The Minosaurus created mar (More)
"Joey! Come on! We need to get to school!" Bobbeta yelled. "Alright STREESY I'm coming!"cried Joey Moments later, brother and sister where on the bus, on their way to school. They were spoilt brats. (They owned everything! You name it, they hav (More)
gfielding wrote: Year 5 WWII Topic

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