Our School SENCo is Miss R Mullarkey. She can be contacted at the school office on 01772 424268 or by email on


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How do we help?

We are committed to allowing pupils to make the best possible progress they can make in all areas of their lives.
All out staff differentiate work so that each child has appropriately levelled work to help them learn.
However, despite the class teacher’s support and differentiated planning, some children have difficulty in learning. If this happens we will provide additional help and support.
We will discuss this with parents and devise an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for each child. This is reviewed once per term by the class teacher together with the parents at a mutually convenient time. This is called ‘School Action’.

If, despite this help, we are still concerned that a child is not making progress we will increases the help that is given to a child by referring them to the relevant outside agencies.  This may include Speech and Language Therapy (SALT), Occupational Therapy, Lancashire Education Inclusion Services (LEIS) or CAMHS.  This referral would take place after consultation with and permission from parents. This is known as School Action Plus’. This is known as ‘School Action Plus’.

We will do this if we feel that a child is falling significantly behind the rest of the class and we feel that the child needs the advice and expertise from professionals not directly employed by the school. We will continue to use IEPs but they will be more detailed. In a small number of cases where a child meets the LEA criteria for action, we will refer the child to the LEA so they can consider making a detailed diagnostic assessment. This will be fully discussed with the parents beforehand. For pupils who have a statement of special educational needs the school will hold an annual, statutory review and meet all statutory requirements.

Ofsted noted that “pupils with a statement of special education need often make excellent progress because of the well informed support they receive” (Ofsted March 2008).

Access arrangements

The school has an Accessibility Plan and a Disability and Equality plan – both of these are available from school at a small charge or free via email or the web.

The school is currently upgrading the access for pupils and wider community in terms of wheelchair access. There is disabled parking and the main entrance will be fitted with ramps this academic year.

Equality for all

We do not discriminate against any pupil in terms of disability – that is for both pupils and in terms of employment.
All pupils will be treated fairly and no-one will be discriminated against. This also includes doing everything we can to ensure that all pupils are able to access the school building, information needed to be fully involved in school life and access to the school curriculum and learning.
This will be through improvements to physical building (ramps / disabled toilets etc) and include providing information in a different language, as a podcast or in large print.

In this way, all pupils will have an equal chance to make learn to their maximum ability in all aspects of their life.

Working with you

We value the help that parents can give us and appreciate them sharing any problems a child may have had previously or during their time with us. Should a parent have concerns about the progress of their child they should at first, discuss this with the class teacher. If there continues to be a cause for concern then this should be brought to the attention of the SENCO (Miss Mullarkey).

Complaints about the special educational needs provision made by the school should be discussed with the Headteacher (Mr Hurst). In the unlikely event that the Headteacher is unable to resolve the complaint, then the parent should write to the school’s SEN Governor (Mr Rainton).

If a parent would like a full copy of the SEN policy, one may be borrowed from the school or purchased for a small cost to cover photocopying costs or downloaded from the school website.
Any significant changes to the SEN policy will be shared with parents in the annual report to parents or immediately through a newsletter if it is a significant change.


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