Yr 6 Challenge


A project is a hands on practical challenge which involves the application of skills from different subjects – it should also be FUN!

The Projects should involve a variety of skills from a variety of subjects. The project should have a timescale and pupils will have to organise themselves to get the job done well and in on time!



Here is a video of a project in action!

Finished leaflets will go live here in Nov 17!


Yr 4 have been undertaking a project on Hill Forts built from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age. They have linked the following areas;
– the names and properties of different quadrilaterals
– how to draw those quadrilaterals
– how to calculate the perimeter of a rectangle
– measure and draw lines accurately
– how to create an iMovie with attached audio and images
– use historical evidence to find out about a period of time

Here is a video of a project.

Here are a selection of some Projects the children did last year.

Charity Week – May 2017 – Yr 6

We invited the parents and friends from Lever House Primary School to come and support our charities.  Thank you for buying our cakes and throwing wet sponges at our children!


Yr 6 –  C and the CF Project:

Your challenge is to make a factory incorporating two electrical inventions; one using a motor and one using a light bulb. You will work in three’s and your project must include:

six different quadrilateral windows
one window with an area of 24cm
another window with a perimeter of 30cm
a piece of explanatory writing about how your factory works; you can present this writing in any format i.e. hand-written or typed.

You will need to constantly evaluate your factory and writing; note down how and why you have changed from your initial plan.


Democracy Week – June 2017 – Yr 5

There’s a general election coming up on 8 June, where adults will vote to decide who will run the UK.
Although children aren’t able to vote, the choices made at the election will have a big impact on the lives of all children across the country.

But what would you do if you were prime minister?

Here is a video from one of the Lever House Candidates for Prime Minister.



Year 4 – Garden Project – June 2107

A challenge as part of their topic work on plants and it involved using their Science, Maths and D&T skills:

You are going to design and make a model garden. Your garden will need to be drawn to scale and must contain separate growing areas for 5 different vegetables. In addition to this, you will need a further 2 areas to grow flowering plants to encourage bees and other insects into the local area. Finally, you will need an attractive centre feature for your garden, such as a fountain or a statue of a famous person or creature and have paths for people to safely move around your garden area.

Your total area will be a rectangular shape that is 18m x 25m. You will need to use a scale of 1cm = 1m for your plan (to be done in pencil on A4 paper). Each growing area must have a perimeter of between 12m and 20m and cannot be any smaller or larger than this.

Once your plan has been approved, you will then make a model of your garden which will have a scale of 1cm = 50cm to be completed on A3 paper and using wood and other construction materials.

The children worked brilliantly in their teams and created some beautiful gardens. Well done Year 4!


Yr 3  – Roman iMovie project – Sept 2106 


Yr 2  – Bear Hunt Project Day – June 17


We made a movie to tell the story of “We are Going on a Bear Hunt’ – we decided on actors, the words we needed say, using a clear voice and someone to film. Take a look at our movie…


Yr 1/2  – Moving Pictures Project – March 17

We designed, made and evaluated our moving pictures, which were ‘under the sea’ themed and had two moving parts.

Yr 1  – Art Project – March 17