There are many skills our pupils need to master in order to meet the end of year expectations. This requires hard work and a great deal of effort. Our pupils and staff set very high standards for themselves.

In order to keep the pace of learning high, we set very clear expectations in every subject in every year group, but especially in writing and maths.

We set a minimum level of expectation for EVERY piece of work where children write and when they learn in maths – we call these our non-negotiables. For example, if the children are creating a piece of non-fiction writing in History – they must still have legible writing and use the correct grammar and punctuation.

You may want to adopt these as your minimum standard at home too – especially if you help with the home learning?

Download the maths and writing non-negotiables (and a writing development document explaining the writing non-negotiable headers) below.

The writing development colour coding is:

Yellow KS 1 (Yr 1 and Yr 2)

Grey Lower KS 2 (Yr 3 and Yr 4)

Yellow Upper KS 2 (Yr 5 and Yr 6)

Of course children can start to use the higher skills from the classes above before they get to those classes – but this is the minimum we require whilst they are in those year groups.

maths non negotiables 16
writing non negotiables 16
Non-negotiables writing Development 16

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