We want all children to be numerate, to be able to add, subtract, divide and multiply with ease. To know what to do, when to get the right answer. We want them to understand number so that they can mentally compute numbers quickly and confidently.

The children are taught skills in addition and subtraction which build on each other and complement each other and get progressively harder.

If you click on the links below, these will open up a new window and display a flash file showing how we teach skills through school. They are tutorials and contain sound. Keep clicking the next button at the bottom right to go through the files.

The years refer to when an average child would generally meet these skills. Your child may meet these skills earlier or later depending upon their ability.

You should know where your child is up to in their learning and  their maths targets will reflect this.

Y3 additionY4 additionY5 additionY6 addition

Y3 subtractionY4 subtractionY5 subtractionY6 subtraction

Please note: you will need to have Flash Player installed to view these files. If they do not load, click here link to download Flash Player

At the bottom of the page you can download a file explaining how you can help teach manths at home and how we teach calculations in school. These files are pdf file and you will need Adobe Reader to view them.

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