Lever House Learning Experience

All primary schools deliver the Early Years and Foundation Stage Framework to EYFS pupils and deliver the National Curriculum to pupils in KS 1 and KS 2.

At Lever House, we teach these skills and try to make it  FUN – by making this accessible through projects in class (and now at home).

We also bring in extra skills such as survival skills and cooking etc.

What skills do you think the children should be taught (in addition to the National Curriculum)?

What experiences do you feel that our children should have whilst at Lever House? – These could be just FUN activities or those experiences which our children, living in this area and living in this country wouldn’t normally experience?

We are looking at introducing NEW projects and experiences for our pupils and we are looking to create a ’50 Things to do before you leave Lever House’ chart.

Lever House Learning Curriculum = EYFS Framework + National Curriculum + Projects + 50 Things to do before you leave Lever House

We want your input. Please go to this link to contribute your ideas about what we should teach our children using on our online form.