We recognise that as part of our duties as a school we need undertake certain actions in relation to the Equality Act 2010; to publish information which shows we have due regard for equalities, as defined by the Act and publish at least one equality objective.

Equality is one of the main rules and codes we live out life by at Lever House.

Our single equalities policy goes into detail about how we try to ensure equality through all aspects of our school life and the experience staff, pupils, families and visitors experience.

Single Equalities Policy

Our central beliefs cover:

  • Access to school and the curriculum regardless of a disability;
  • An equal curriculum which does not stereotype or offend and actively teaches about discrimination some people experience
  • that no-one should experience bullying – in any form – verbal, physical, social media etc
  • that everyone should be respected for who they are – regardless of their gender, race, abilities, background, appearance, sexual orientation or faith.
Our main equality objective this year has been discrimination – why it is wrong and to combat it. This has been through regular assemblies about homophobia, racism, sexism, discrimination (based on age or appearance) and disabilities.