E Safety-Parents

Keeping children safe whilst enjoying the benefits of the technology

 The facts
• 8 million under-18s in the UK have internet access
• 2 million have access in their bedroom
• 1 in 4 have met someone in the real world they first met online
“Children and young people need to be empowered to keep them- selves safe – this isn’t just about a top-down approach. Children will be children – pushing boundaries and taking risks. At a public swimming pool we have gates, put up signs, have lifeguards and shallow ends, but we also teach children how to swim.”
Dr Tanya Byron Safer children in a digital world: The report of the Byron Review

What can we do?

Please look at the list on the left under the E-Safety tab. Explore these areas and keep yourself up to date and in control.
As a parent / carer you may wish to visit Think You Know web site to learn about what children get up to with technologies and how you can work together to keep your children safe. http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/