The information below shows the latest awards the school has received in recognition of the excellence we provide for all our pupils in all aspects of the lives.


We use Apple computers through out school as we believe they provide the best way of allowing our pupils and our learning to be creative. We regularly use video, podcasts, keynote presentations and images and sounds to develop our understanding, to collaborate with each other and to present our learning.
As a result of this, the school has become an Apple Regional Training Centre where schools and students can come to see how we use Apple computers in education and learn about the software we use.


ICT Mark Award

ICT Mark


We were awarded the ICT Mark in summer 2009. This prestigious award has been given out to less than 5% of schools nationally. We gained this mark in recognition of the work we do (both staff and pupils) in using ICT in school.


Activemark Award

Schools who deliver 2 hours of high quality PE per week for 90% of pupils are entitled to be awarded Activemark.


 Eco Schools Silver Award

Eco Schools Award
The school achieved the Bronze award in June 2007. In May 2009 we were awarded the Silver criteria. This means that our Action Team which has meetings and produces action plans to undertake large scale projects and make our school more self sustainable an environmental issues are covered by most students.