Admissions to Lever House
If your child turns four before the 1st of September you will need to apply to start with a school (your child will turn five in their first year at school).

If you are interested in your child attending our school, we have some information to help you with your decision.

If it is the year before your child starts school then you need to do several things.

You need to officially apply online to start in school. This is organised through Lancashire County Council.
Closing date is Friday 15th Jan 2018.


To help you decide if Lever House is the right school for you – give the headteacher a call at school to arrange an informal chat or to attend one of our special parent meetings. These informative sessions tell you all about our school and provide a tour of the school as well.

This will help you get a feel of what a special place Lever House is and you will be able to feel the loving, caring atmosphere that exists here.

We will do all we can to help you make the right choice.


The policy for admission to Community and Voluntary Controlled primary schools is listed below:-

Parents are asked to express preferences for three primary schools. Published criteria are used to decide which children should be offered the available places. In primary schools an equal preference scheme has been introduced to comply with the Schools Admission Code, whereby three parental preferences are given equal status and will be considered equally against the admissions criteria.

When a school is oversubscribed on parental preferences, then the following priorities apply in order:

1.    Children in public care at the time when preferences are expressed and who are still in public care at the time of their admission to school, and those who have been previously looked after, then
2.    Children for whom the Local Authority accepts that there are exceptional medical social or welfare reasons which are directly relevant to the school concerned, then
3.    Children with older brothers and sisters attending the school when the younger child will start, then
4.    Remaining places are allocated according to where a child lives. Those living nearest to the preferred school by a straight line (radial) measure will have priority
Please note: 
Any parent / carer wanting to enrol a child in to school, for any class at any time other than a new starter in Sept in EYFS should contact the school to register their interest.
If and when a place becomes available, the school will again use the same criteria listed above in order to choose from all interested parties.
The admission number for Lever House is 45.
Preferences for places at Lever House in Sept 2016 were:

1st choice   57

2nd choice  67
3rd choice   40

Total preferences (1st, 2nd and 3rd combined) = 164