Accessibility Plan

Lever House Accessibility Plan 2016-2019

This plan has been written in compliance with paragraph 3 of schedule 10 of the Equality Act 2010 and is divided into 3 parts – Physical Environment, Curriculum and Information.

Access to the Physical Environment





Success Criteria

To be aware of the access needs of disabled children, staff, governors and school families

Ensure the school staff & governors are aware of access issues

a) to create access plans for individual disabled children as part of the IEP process.

b) to ensure all users can access all areas of school.

c) Annual reminder to parents, carers through newsletter to let us know if they have problems with access to areas of school.

d) ensure all information is shared with all relevant staff / workers / agencies / volunteers to ensure continuity of care for the children

As required

Autumn 2016

Ongoing process – although at least annually in Autumn term

In place Autumn term 2016

SENCo / teacher / school nurse

Headteacher Headteacher

Headteacher / H&S committee


New building work has made all doors wheel chair accessible.

All classrooms are large enough for wheel chairs. Use of hall for public includes wheel chair access.

All parents / carers have an opportunity to complete a disability questionnaire.

Care plans are updated fully in Autumn term and shared with all staff.

Volunteers / ASC and SSCo clubs are aware of needs of SEN children at all times.

Maintain safe access for visually impaired people

Check exterior lighting is working on a regular basis.

Ongoing checks

Site Supervisor / Health & Safety Committee

SENCO/Site Supervisor

Visually impaired people feel safe in school grounds.

Ensure all disabled people can be safely evacuated

a) Ensure there is a personal emergency evacuation plan for all disabled pupils.

b)Ensure all staff are aware of their responsibilities in evacuation

On going.

Headteacher SENCo

All disabled pupils and staff working with them are safe in the event of an evacuation.

Disabled people in wheelchairs can be evacuated quickly and easily

Install hearing loops in learning areas to support pupils with a hearing impairment

Take advice on appropriate equipment

As required


All children have access to the curriculum

Access to the Curriculum





Success Criteria

Ensure all staff have training on disability issues – and individual pupil needs

Identify training needs at regular meetings


SENCO / Headteacher

Raised confidence of staff in meeting pupil’s needs and access

All school visits and trips need to be accessible to all pupils

Ensure venues and means of transport are vetted for suitability.
Develop guidance on making trips accessible



All pupils are able to access all school trips and take part in a range of activities

Review PE curriculum to ensure PE is accessible to all pupils

Review PE curriculum to include disability sports

Spring 2017

SENCO & PE co-ordinator

All pupils have access to P.E.

Review curriculum areas and planning to include disability issues

Include specific reference to disability equality in all curriculum reviews

16-17 policy review

SENCO & Headteacher

Gradual introduction of disability issues into all curriculum areas

Ensure disabled children can take part equally in lunchtime and after school activities

Discuss with After School Club staff, and other clubs after school. Support may need to be available – especially after school.

As required


Disabled children feel able to participate equally in out of school activities.

Access to Information





Success Criteria

Inclusive discussion of variety of ways to make information accessible to all

Ask parents about preferred formats for accessing information- do we need braille, other languages; (use Google Translate) audio convertor of text etc.


SENCO / Headteacher

Staff more aware of preferred methods of communication, and parents feel included. School website accessible to all


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